To mark its first Women Leading Real Estate eventBisnow has compiled a list of the 51 most influential, dynamic, exciting and successful women in U.K. commercial real estate. The list is a celebration of the diversity and talent among the women working in the industry in areas ranging from fund management to development, lending and advisory. The list was compiled after consulting with more than 100 senior real estate professionals from across the sector. Yes, there are not enough women in top roles in the sector. And those that are there are not getting paid enough. But these are the exemplars not just of what success looks like for women in real estate, but of what success looks like. Many of them will be joining Bisnow at the event 14 February. But here is insight into who they are and what they do. — U.K. Editor Mike Phillips

Ekaterina Avdonina is managing director of the DCAM team. She was instrumental in establishing the business in 2012 and has grown it into one of Europe’s leading logistics real estate businesses, with joint venture partners including Blackstone.

Previously, Avdonina was with ING Real Estate in the Netherlands and before that was with GVA in Moscow, where she focused on the execution of development projects.

A keen linguist, she is focused on improving her Dutch and Italian language skills, having already mastered Russian, French and English. She also works with several charities.

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