Delin Winterborrel Amsterdam Park

Good start of the new year in the Netherlands. Looking back and ahead on the 2018 & 2019 Dutch activities in the almost completed Phase I of our Amsterdam Park Programme in the Port of Amsterdam.

Delin Capital Asset Management appoints Tijs Derison as Managing Director, Benelux

Delin Capital Asset Management, the European logistics investor, asset manager and developer, has appointed Tijs Derison as managing director, Benelux, effective immediately. 

Based in Delin’s Rotterdam office, Derison will be responsible for the company’s growing Benelux portfolio, including all development and asset management activity, as well as managing occupier, joint venture and other stakeholder relationships. 

Delin currently manages approximately 700,000 m2 of investment assets and approximately 300,000 m2 of active development projects in the Benelux region. 

'The Benelux region, and the Netherlands in particular, continues to go from strength to strength as a logistics hotspot and with Delin’s growing investment and development footprint, we will significantly benefit from Tijs’ experience to support the next stages of our ambitious growth plans,' said Mark Kirkland, CEO of Delin. 

Derison joins Delin from UK shed specialist Segro, where he was head of Benelux, responsible for a team of five. 

Prior to this, Derison worked at a number of national and international real estate investment and asset managers, including Hansteen Holdings and FGH Asset Management. 


Clever design is the answer to avoiding obsolescence

Designing buildings for e-commerce occupiers can be tricky as investors are ultimately investing in a property which may not have the same residual value.

The mouse revolution

From click bait to development, e-tailing is a logistics developer's growth paradise.


Ekaterina Avdonina, managing director of Delin Capital Asset Management, added that the European market was poised to see further rental growth.

“The occupier story in Europe has been on benefit of full rental growth in Europe,”

she said.

“A lot of places in Europe are still under the peak value in 2006-07 because the rental recovery has not happened in every market. In the UK, while capital values in the South East may be a little peakish looking outside there, there are lots of pockets of value.”

She added that the debt market was completely different to 10 years ago, which she said meant developers and investors were in a much better state financially.


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Warehouses reach for the sky as demand soars

Warehouses reach for the sky as urban demand soars


High occupancy rates in big economics arc driving a wave of investment in the sector says Conor Sullivan

“A lot of the money that was originally targeting the retail sector is being shifted to logistics because that is seen as the new retail,”

says Ekaterina Avdonina ,

managing director at Delin Capital Asset Management, an investor in logistics pcoperties .

Is the sector in a bubble?

Property Week - 18 May 2018

With demand still strong and good product scarce, fears are mounting of a bubble in the rapidly growing industrial sector.

Simon Creasey reports


The 51 most influential women in U.K. real estate

To mark its first Women Leading Real Estate eventBisnow has compiled a list of the 51 most influential, dynamic, exciting and successful women in U.K. commercial real estate. The list is a celebration of the diversity and talent among the women working in the industry in areas ranging from fund management to development, lending and advisory. The list was compiled after consulting with more than 100 senior real estate professionals from across the sector. Yes, there are not enough women in top roles in the sector. And those that are there are not getting paid enough. But these are the exemplars not just of what success looks like for women in real estate, but of what success looks like. Many of them will be joining Bisnow at the event 14 February. But here is insight into who they are and what they do. — U.K. Editor Mike Phillips

Ekaterina Avdonina is managing director of the DCAM team. She was instrumental in establishing the business in 2012 and has grown it into one of Europe’s leading logistics real estate businesses, with joint venture partners including Blackstone.

Previously, Avdonina was with ING Real Estate in the Netherlands and before that was with GVA in Moscow, where she focused on the execution of development projects.

A keen linguist, she is focused on improving her Dutch and Italian language skills, having already mastered Russian, French and English. She also works with several charities.

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Delin Capital Asset Management (Dcam) incluye a España en su plan de inversión

Parece que los fondos internacionales se han fijado en España, en todos los sectores y también en el logístico. Da prueba de lo que estamos comentado que Delin Capital Asset Management (Dcam) ha incluido a nuestro país en su plan de inversión. Con este plan se tiene como objetivo el desarrollo de 900.000 metros cuadrados de nuevo espacio logístico en tres de los mercados europeos más importantes, como son Holanda, Reino Unido y España.

Dentro de España parece que han puesto sus objetivos en Madrid. Esto es lo que opina de esta ciudad el director de desarrollo de Dcam: “Ofrece una oportunidad atractiva para los inversores, ya que la economía doméstica se está recuperando y el aumento del gasto de los consumidores respalda el rápido crecimiento del ecommerce“.

Al parecer la compañía ya tiene claras una serie de oportunidades para invertir. Hay que tener en cuenta que Dcam dispone de 3 líneas de negocio, que son un fondo administrado en 2012, un vehículo de inversión establecido con Blackstone el pasado año con el fin de comprar activos ya existentes y un fondo de desarrollo.

No podemos olvidar que Dcam va a invertir 400 millones de dólares en Holanda para desarrollar unos 390.000 metros cuadrados de espacios logísticos.